Hello, I present to you the new creation of Stéphane Dauvergne (the president of ikmf):


The kettlebell street Lifting

The kettlebell street lifting is the alliance between the kettlebell lifting and the street lifting

It is a method of general physical preparation, but also a competitive test aimed at evaluating the general physical condition of the Gireviks.  Throughout the year, you can send videos to the kettlebell street lifting Instagram and Facebook channel and they will be shared.  Face-to-face competitions will also be organized in France and in other countries depending on demand.  We hope this method will help you to improve your general physical condition in order to be even better during the Ikmf World Championships.

These are 4 combined events:


- Double snatch (not to be confused with the double half snatch of the ikmf games)

- Double Push Press (not to be confused with the strict double push press of ikmf games)

- Dip's (body weight + weighted or not)

- Pull-up (body weight + weighted or not)


  How it works ? :


  You have 1 minute to perform 14 repetitions (not one more) on each exercise without stopping (if you do fewer repetitions it counts).

 A coefficient system is in place, if you do not use weight on the dip's and Pull-Up each the repetition will count for 0.7pts With additional load 8kg = 1 pts, 10kg = 1.3 pts .....

The principle is to have as many points as possible by combining the results of the 4 tests.

 A sufficient but variable rest period will be imposed between each movement, in order to allow athletes time to warm up for each movement.

Short shorts above the knees and a short-sleeved t-shirt are required for all events.

Regarding the rules for movements (kettlebell lifting):

- For the double snatch: a second of fixation and locking of the arms stretched above the head is required.

- For the double push pres: it is requested one second of fixation and locking of the arms stretched above the head and it is requested that at each repetition a dead time be carried out on the pelvis, that the legs be stretched before start a new repetition.

For the 2 movements the legs and the arms must be totally stretched (when the arms are straight above the head) and the fixing time is one second without the kettlebells moving.

Video of 4 movements

For Push-Press

If you do not wish to participate in the 4 events, it is possible but you will lose points in the general classification. On the other hand, it is compulsory to do at least 3 tests.

Regarding the rules of movement (Street lifting):


For the Dip's :

It is requested that the arm be parallel to the bar of the dip and the elbow at shoulder height during the descent (it is possible to descend lower), to validate the repetition the elbows must be stretched and perfectly locked for 1 second .

Regarding the rules of movement (Street lifting):


For the Pull-UPS:

It is requested that the athletes leave with their arms totally relaxed and that the chin passes over the bar so that the repetition is validated. A down pause of

1 second is requested (a dead-stop). it is allowed to use the position of hands in pronation (Pull-up) or supination (Chin-up).

The kettlebell street lifting is a registered trademark, if you wish to organize competitions or if you have any questions, contact Dauvergne Stephane on the following email: ikmfworld@gmail.com

You can send your videos of one minute per movement to the following email:

 kettlebell street lifting

You can also send your videos to Instagram: kettlebell.street.lifting.

indicating your age and body weight. 

Be careful that the video does not move, we must see the weight of the kettlebells at the start of the video, we must see your entire body, for the Snatch, Push Press and Pull-Up the video must be from the front and for the  dip's video must be in profile. 


Registration on the board is free until August 31, 2023.



 If you want the ranking diploma of the 7 best athletes in the world, the price is 15€ ,

to be paid by PayPal to: ikmfbank2@gmail.com (be careful to send to  a friend to avoid taxes