Athletes’ names are compiled on tab 2, bottom left corner (only CMS and up).

Women table rank

Man table rank

IKMF CMS ranks can be obtained in competition. Contact Stephane Dogman  to hear the details.
IKMF MS and MSWC ranks can only be attained in IKMF international competitions (ONLY in the IKMF Continental Championships and IKMF World Championships) .

CMS rank is the minimum rank required to compete at important international competitions. Any CMS status in traditional GS (IUKL, IGSF, IKFSA, GSU, WKC, Ketacademy…) will also be recognized.

There are ranks for open and veteran groups.

A note about ranks…

Ranks were a sport classification system in the USSR which provided general requirements for athletes. IKMF has no official ties to those titles and offers those ranks only as an incentive and recognition of kettlebell marathon athletes.

  • Honoured Master of Sport (HMS), equates to an international champion who has made valuable contributions to the sport.
  • Master of Sport World Class (MSWC), equates to an international champion.
  • Master of Sport (MS), equates to national champion.
  • Candidate Master of Sport (CMS), equates to an athlete allowed on a national team.
  • Other ranks, such as 1,2,3 are entry level ranks such as regional, or city winner.

Amateur category:

amateur category at the IKMF international championships.
This category will include only one category of kettlebell weight:
Male: 24kg (30min) 16kg (60min)
Female: 16kg (30min) 12kg (60min)
The weight categories of body and ages, remains the same as that of professionals.

the amateur category is not allowed to participate in the events with 2 kettlebell 30min.
You will not be asked to validate a CMS to participate.