----------------Season 2019-2020-----------------

report of the meeting of 22 November 2019 in poland.


- Proposed vote to remove (temporarily) the European championships, to save money for athletes, knowing that in 2021 and 2022 the world championship will be held in the US and Australia which will require a lot of money in displacement to the athlete.


- Proposal for a vote to retain the 32 kg men and 20kg women Elite category, in addition to the 36kg men and 24kg women category (already voted at the previous meeting in Denmark) to make a slow transition.


- Proposal for a vote for a board member. Interested persons should send their application by email to ikmfworld@gmail.com before 28 november 2019. only country rep can present this. then the member will elect the new vice president.


- Following the resignation of Vice-President Andreas Jakobsen, we must elect a new president. Anyone interested in the post of president must send his application to: ikmfworld@gmail.com, before December 1, 2019


- presentation of the new statue of IKMF (recently domiciled in Switzerland)


- a reminder of the behavior of the athletes to be had towards the organizers of competitions.


- it has been decided that countries without a judge will have to pay twice for the registration of their athletes.


- he has been proposing the following events: IKMG games and kettlebell pentahtlon, in order to attract new athletes to IKMF, (the new ikmf statue being: ikmf and discipline associate, we are entitled to do it), so we will test this new formula in France in May 2020.


Following the meeting of 25 April 2019 in Denmark at the IKMF European Championships.


 1) It was agreed, to strengthen the work of the judges.

Géraldine poncet (leading judge) will create a team of judges, who will pay in 2020 for their activity of judge.


2) Regarding Rank, it will be revised upwards.

 it will be proposed for 2020 only for the jerk and long cycle tests:


- Men (open class)

Jerk 30min: 36kg // 60min: 28kg

Long cycle 30min: 36kg // 60min: 28kg

half snatch 30min : 32kg // 60min : 24kg

Snatch 30min : 32kg // 60min : 24kg


- Men (veterant 1)

Jerk 30min: 32kg // 60min: 24kg

Long cycle 30min: 32kg // 60min: 24kg

Half snatch 30min : 28kg // 60min : 24kg

Snatch 30min : 28kg // 60min : 24kg


- Women (open class)

Jerk 30min : 24kg // 60min : 20kg

Long cycle 30min : 24kg // 60min : 20kg

Half snatch 30min : 20kg // 60min : 16kg

Snatch 30min : 20kg // 60min : 16kg


- Women ( veterant 1 )

Jerk 30min : 20kg // 60min : 16kg

long cycle 30min : 20kg // 60min : 16kg

half snatch 30min : 20kg  // 60min : 16kg

Snatch 30min : 20kg // 60min : 16kg


the other category will not be changed for kettlebell weight


3) In order to stop the champion alone. It will propose a coefficient that will group athletes, who are not at least 3, in their category.

example 2 athléte in -75kg / 1 ahléte in 75-85kg / 3 athlete in +85.

We will gather the category -75kg and 75-85kg and we will apply the coefficient, in order to have a podium filled with 3 athletes. The category + 85kg having 3 athletes will not have the application of the coefficient.


National Rank will give birth to a diploma. This diploma will have national value in the countries. Just below the CMS which is the first international level.


these changes will be applied from January 2020.

doping is prohibited at IKMF, all athletes tested positive for an anti-doping test will be severely punished or banned from IKMF.