President & Founder of IKMF

Stéphane Dauvergne

Work on the development of the kettlebell marathon in the world since 2010. 

After traveling across Europe and to compete in the kettlebell marathon, he decided to create IKMF with Sergei Matskévich in 2013, in order to renew the kettlebell marathon enthusiast.

Also promote the human value of the kettlebell marathon : humility + self-help + pushing the limits = IKMF.


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Vice President IKMF

Don Grant

Don has been training lifters to compete with kettlebells since 2008. In 2016, he leads the first Australian team to the IKMF worlds in Denmark. Being passionate about the IKMF way of thinking and a firm believer in the benefits of kettlebells for juniors through to veterans, both as a fitness tool and as a competitive sport.

Don will be working towards the growth of the sport he loves.


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Secretary IKMF

Spyridon Katsigiannis

Leader of IKMF in Greece. Spyro believes in empowering people by making them physically stronger. He trains athletes in Kettlebell Marathon since 2015 and tries to establish a science of the sport. Works to make the Kettlebell Marathon a great sport, all over the world.





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Dermot O'Neill (Ireland)   |   Judi Demuro (USA)   |   Maciej Luczak (Poland)


Kim Henning (Denmark)   |   Jean Van Ryssel (Belgium)   |   Del Wilson (England)   |   Andrea Burch (Switzerland)


Only representatives of IKMF member countries can get in touch with the management of IKMF (by email or social networks). Single athletes should contact their IKMF representative in their country with any questions.

Please contact Stephane Dauvergne ( if you wish to represent IKMF in your country.


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