Coefficient system

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Attention !!!! the calculation of the coefficient with 2 kettlebells must be carried out as with 1 single kettlebell.

Example 1: 100 rep with 2X16kg = 100X2.37 = 237pts

Example 2: 100rep 1X16kg = 100X2.37 = 237pts

Free rapid coefficient calculation application.

DIfferents Mouvements

Jerk & Long cycle

Snatch & Half Snatch

Warning, the 2 toes must always be in contact with the ground during the movement of: jerk, snatch, long cycle and half-snatch (with one or 2 kettlebells).

Doping is prohibited at IKMF,

all athletes tested positive for an anti-doping test will be severely punished or banned from IKMF.

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