Organize an IKMF world or continental championship

What you need to know when you want to organize an IKMF World or continental Championship


1 ) Only a member country of IKMF, which has paid its annual bond, can organize a world  championship. There are 2 different world championships per year. The first is during the month of April and the second during the month of November.

If you want to organize a continental IKMF championship, you must propose dates that are not close to the world championships (2 months minimum difference)


2 )For World and Continental Championships ,  IKMF takes 30% off registrations. Example a registration for an Athlete is 100 euro, then ikmf will take 30% or 30 euro on the registration. 70% are for the organizer so that he can pay the costs incurred by the organizer of the ikmf world championships. Example for the registration of an athlete at 100 euro, 70 euro will be for the organizing country.

IN conclusion, if a world championship collects 10000 euro of registration, then 7000euro will be for the organizing country and 3000euro for IKMF. This money is to pay the organization fees and the work done by everyone.



3 ) IKMF collects the registrations (and pays the part of the organizing country once all the expenses have been made.) on the paypal account of IKMF (


4 ) IKMF will make the google form for athlete registration, athlete time table, competition event page, event poster.


5 ) IKMF provides the award belt for the country that wins the most medals. IKMF can also have the medals made (unless the organizing country wishes to do so itself).


6 ) The organizing country must provide precise details of the place of the competition, the nearest hotel, the nearest trains and airport.


7 ) the organizing country must provide the equipment necessary for the competition: platform, kettlebell, ikmf banner ..... And everything you need to practice kettlebell sport.


8 ) all the sponsors that the organizing country may have are entirely returned to it.


9 ) On each competition, the line judges and the leader judge must be paid this is taken into account in the expenses of the organizing country, as well as the travel and accommodation expenses of the president of IKMF.



10 ) Any representative of a country wishing to organize an IKMF world championship must contact the president of the IKMF in order to put in place all the necessary organizational protocol.


IKMF championship organization contract
download here the organizing contract for the IKMF continental and world championships
contrat organisation competition IKMF .p
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