It is possible to attempt an IKMF record with a single kettlebell and multi switch in the 4 competition disciplines,

or in Long Cycle with 2 kettlebells according to traditional GS rules.

  • Jerk (from 2-24h)
  • Snatch (from 2-24h)
  • Half Snatch (from 2-24h)
  • Long cycle (from 2-24h)
  • Long cycle, double KB (60 min : Traditional GS rules mean that performing a swing between reps or placing the kettlebells on the shoulders or ground ends the set).

For events from 2 hours and up, some prohibitions are lifted to ensure the athletes safety.
Tape (and gymnastic grips) for hand protection is allowed, but no gloves.

SUPER MARATHON : from 2 to 4 hours

The athlete may rest in a static hang position, perform low amplitudes swings between reps without having to change sides or even place the kettlebell on the shoulder. The athlete may also use 2 hands on the kettlebell while resting elbows on the knees in all disciplines.
It is however still forbidden to place the kettlebell on the ground during the event.

ULTIMATE MARATHON : from 5 to 8 hours

The athlete may also place the kettlebell on the ground for 5 minutes every hour during the day, and for 10 minutes every hour during the night (the clock must keep running).

EXTREME MARATHON : from 9 to 24 hours

The athlete may also place the kettlebell on the ground freely at will while the clock keeps running.


  1. Extreme marathon types of events are done as exhibition lifts/record attempts, and are done in the context of an “Extreme kettlebell Marathon Festival”.
  2. The athlete must specify his attempt and obtain an official authorization from his/her IKMF country representative and the IKMF president at the beginning of each calendar year.
  3. Body weight groups, age groups, and technical aspects of the lifts are defined in competition the rules.
  4. Athletes over 59 may not participate in extreme marathons.
  5. Kettlebell sizes start at 16kg for men, 8kg for women. Kettlebell sizes are limited to 4kg increments.
  6. The athlete must have a CMS (marathon) rank at the minimum to qualify for such an event.
  7. IKMF banners must be on display during the event.
  8. IKMF certified judges must supervise and attest to the validity of the record.
  9. All record attempts must be done in the presence of the IKMF country representative during the festival, and validated by the IKMF president.
  10. Attention, the realization of an extreme marathon, super marathon..... Is authorized only for the Athletes, who have a country affiliated with ikmf (annual subscription in good standing), countries that are not members of ikmf are not  authorized has validated this type of test.

Doping is prohibited at IKMF,

all athletes tested positive for an anti-doping test will be severely punished or banned from IKMF.

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