Official International IKMF Judges



Each country need to have certificates judges for manage national and international competitions in regards to IKMF rules.


You need to contact your IKMF country representative and ask them to pass the IKMF judge exam.

If you don’t have IKMF country representative yet, please contact Rosa Mosi .

contact :



Recommendations for judges in the International Championship IKMF

  • If you know you are going to be a judge in the next championship, review the regulations
  • Remember in advance the turn of Fly and the platform on which you will judge, and get ready early
  • Put all your attention on the task you are doing, avoid distractions "The athlete is the most important"
  • Try to keep a counting voice and point partial counts (technology can fail and ruin the athlete's result)
  • Enforce the rules, be condescending with the athlete you judge means being unfair to the rest of the athletes
  • Check that the judge's sheet corresponds to the athlete who will participate, check the weight of the kettlebell, and the athlete's dress code
  • Remember that your image as a judge, will be the image of IKMF, avoid behaviors such as: Eat while exercising as a judge, use your mobile phone, have an inappropriate dress, have inappropriate positions, talk repeatedly with athletes / judges / public
  • At the end of the competition, make sure you have the judge's sheet completed correctly and send it to the main desk of secretaries.

Recommendations for the organization in the International Championship IKMF

  • Make sure that the competition area can only be accessed by authorized persons at any time (judges and athletes in turn of participation)
  • The competition and warming zone must be separated, and competition zones can not be accessed when there are athletes competing
  • The competition material (Kettlebell) will be permanently visible on the platforms, not allowing the transfer of Kettlebell between warming zone and platforms
  • The preparation of the competition Kettlebell (Magnesium application) will be done in the time that a fly and another one takes place, and will be done in the back of the platforms, outside the public's vision
  • The organization will enable a place next to the platform judge, intended for the athlete's assistant
  • The assistance to the athlete will be carried out in the fastest possible way, not remaining the assistant next to the platform longer than necessary
  • The competition area must be totally clean and clear, not being visible containers with magnesium, towels, bottles etc ...
  • The organization will ensure the cleaning of the area of platforms of water, magnesium etc ... by cleaning the area when necessary
  • Observe the discipline, and the good image of the competition grants seriousness and credibility to our organization
  • The chief judge, together with the organization, will be responsible for compliance with the discipline and the good course of the competition. 

/!\  Warning  /!\

  • If one country doesn't have any IKMF judge certify, each entry will charge double
  • If a country doesn't have enough judges (and don't respect the rules of 1 judges for 5 athletes) : the country will pay double fees for the athletes not cover by the judges. 
    Examples : 1 judge for 10 athletes : the 5 athletes not cover by the judge will pay double. 

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