IKMF Project For 2023

From January 2023, the iKMF world championship will be divided into 2 parts:

- First part in April: IKMF games (40kg only) + Kettlebell half marathon (30 minutes) +  pentathlon 1 kettlebell (classic)

- Second part in November: IKMF games (only with 2 kettlebells) + Marathon kettlebell (60 minutes) + Pentathlon 2 kettlebell (2 kettlebells, 3 minutes per movement / 3 minutes of rest. New for 2023.


We will give a belt ( boxing or wrestling type belt ) to the country which has won the most medals in the general team classification .


A Cash prize will be offered, to the best in its category of body weight, movement, age and sex. During a draw which will be carried out the day before the competition, during the opening ceremony.