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IKMF Kettlebell Marathon, and IKMF Games  (RANKS)

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All that is indicated in GREY in the ranks is what is impossible to achieve, therefore the weights of kettlebells that you cannot use, because it does not respect the maximum number of repetitions allowed.

IKMF Pentathlon (RANKS)

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Request a CMS in competition

IKMF CMS ranks can be obtained in competition.

Please Contact Yann Mancel to hear the details. Any Rank or IKMF diploma are paid in euro (11€). The annual IKMF contribution (to be paid on January 1st) is 100€. To pay by PayPal to ikmfbank2@gmail.com (be careful to send to a friend to avoid taxes).

Request a CMS through video

This is an announcement regarding all videos submissions for CMS certificates after February 15th.

If you have done or will do a set in an online competition conducted from Monday February 15th and afterwards, the validation of CMS for that set will be done by a committee of IKMF senior judges. A judge from a country other than yours will count your set.

Your country representative will have to apply to the IKMF Refereeing Committee, which will assign a senior IKMF judge to watch and your video.


The application fee for the judging of your set is 15€ at ikmfbank2@gmail.com (non-refundable if the CMS is not validated). This fee is not to be confused with the application fee of 10€ to the IKMF secretariat, in order to issue the CMS certificate.

Regarding CMS video applications, please read the following instructions, by Poland national representative Maciej Łuczak :


"" The referees job is to judge what they see, and the athlete's job is to make sure everything is visible. If the competitor does not take care of it, it's not the judge's job to guess.

The camera should be in front of the athlete, not on the floor or on the side, because then there will be ambiguities and complaints.

Moreover, according to the regulations, the competitor should weigh themselves and the kettlebell(s), so that the judge can see the weight "".

IKMF MS and MSWC ranks can only be attained in IKMF international competitions (ONLY in the IKMF Continental Championships and IKMF World Championships).


CMS rank (IKMF)  is the minimum rank required to compete at important international competitions. A CMS is necessary for each movement and competition events. During a continental or world championship, if an athlete is alone in his category, and his result is not equal to the minimum of a CMS, he does not receive the title of continental or world champion. But he'll have a participation document ,but no medals. . There are ranks for open and veteran groups.

Notes about ranks

Ranks were a sport classification system in the USSR which provided general requirements for athletes. IKMF has no official ties to those titles and offers those ranks only as an incentive and recognition of kettlebell marathon athletes.

  • Honoured Master of Sport (HMS), equates to an international champion who has made valuable contributions to the sport.
  • Master of Sport World Class (MSWC), equates to an international champion.
  • Master of Sport (MS), equates to national champion.
  • Candidate Master of Sport (CMS), equates to an athlete allowed on a national team.
  • No CMS ask to participate as veterans 3
  • No CMS ask to Kid's , junior , student
  • No CMS ask to IKMF Games
  • No CMS ask to IKMF pentathlon
  • Other ranks, such as national rank are entry level ranks such as regional, or city winner.

To be authorized validated a rank it is necessary to belong to the member countries of the IKMF and for that it is necessary to pay the annual subscription 100€ per country. To be paid before January 31 of each year. After the date, the obligation will amount to 200€. Pay at ikmfbank2@gmail.com to PayPal (be careful to send "to a friend" to avoid taxes).

Children's categories


Kid's & Junior categories


  • IKMF Kettlebell half marathon
  • IKMF Games (just double half-snatch)
  • IKMF Pentathlon


Children under 11 can compete on 30min to 4kg with the parent's permission.


In IKMF Continental Championship's & IKMF World Championship's : there is no obligation for children to validate a rank to participate in the European and world championship. 

All categories

Kid's 1 > 7-9 years


  • Male
    • 15min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 3kg or 4kg 
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x3kg or 2x4kg
  •  Female
    • 15min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 3kg or 4kg 
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x3kg or 2x4kg
  • Pentathlon : free       


There is no body weight category. Only age category and kettlebell weight.


Kid's 2 > 10-12 years


  • Male
    • 30min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 6kg, 8kg or 10kg
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x6kg or 2x8kg
  • Female
    • 30min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 5kg, 6kg or 8kg
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x5kg or 2x6kg
  • Pentathlon : free


There is no body weight category. Only age category and kettlebell weight.

Junior  > 13-15 years


  • Male
    • 30min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 12kg or 16kg
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x10kg or 2x12kg 
  • Female
    • 30min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 8kg or 12kg
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x8kg or 2x10kg
  • Pentathlon : free

There is no body weight category. Only age category and kettlebell weight.


Student > 16-18years


  • Male
    • 30min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 16kg, 20kg
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x16kg or 2x20kg
  • Female
    • 30min Kettlebell Marathon : kettlebell 12kg, 16kg
    • 10min IKMF Games : kettlebell 2x10kg or 2x12kg 
  • Pentathlon : free



There is a body weight categories. 

For adults only (this for IKMF marathon, IKMF pentathon and for IKMF games), you will be asked to validate a CMS to participate in the intercontinental championships and IKMF world championships.


For kid's,  juniors and students, in Pentathlon the weight of kettlebells is free.  It is up to the parents to choose the kettlebell weights. Be careful not to endanger the safety of your children with excessively heavy kettlebell weights. Parents have the right to ask to have their child participate in a higher age category if they wish (only if the child has the physical and technical capacity to do so).

Doping is prohibited at IKMF,

all athletes tested positive for an anti-doping test will be severely punished or banned from IKMF.

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