International rules of friendship's

For the good Friendship's between the countries of IKMF, it is obligatory that each country which receives foreigners at home for a competition (national, regional, trophy, international, continental, intercontinental or world IKMF) is the authorization of the leader IKMF of the country of origin of athletes, arriving in another country.


Example n°1 :

1 French Athlete wants to compete in Australia, the Australian IKMF leader, must seek permission from the French IKMF leader. Only the country leaders decide which athlete in their country has the right to participate in competitions (national, regional, trophy, international, continental, intercontinental, or world IKMF).

This in order to gargle the control of the sport in each country and a respect between the countries.

When an athlete is sanctioned by a country of the IKMF, his sanction will be automatically international.


Example n°2 :

1 athlete sanitized in Spain, will be automatically sanctioned in all IKMF member countries.

Doping is prohibited at IKMF, all athletes tested positive for an anti-doping test will be severely punished or banned from IKMF.

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